Press Release - ​Moving Beyond 1859 - Bixpy Announces their new Power Bank PP-77-LW

Posted by Bixpy on Apr 28th 2022

Press Release - ​Moving Beyond 1859 - Bixpy Announces their new Power Bank PP-77-LW

Although there have been great strides in the Power Bank space, almost all rechargeable 6V packs are still lead-acid batteries, an innovation of 1859! Today Bixpy announces the release of their PP-77-LW, a 6V Power Bank, and a replacement for SLA batteries currently on the market.

For those needing 6 Volt power outdoors, the options have been virtually non-existent. Aside from disposable batteries, the only real option is SLA bricks.

At Bixpy, we have put all of our experience in building battery packs into developing the first truly waterproof, fully sealed, rechargeable, lithium power bank.

The PP-77-LW is a rugged, waterproof power bank designed to the exact size of its SLA predecessor, but at almost half the weight (2.1 lb)!

The battery core is encased in a virtually indestructible, but beautifully designed anodized aluminum housing with mega gaskets to seal the housing and protect it from the elements.

At just over 2lb, this Power Bank delivers a punch with 77Wh of power storage in a 12,000 mAmp core.

But most importantly, the core cells chemistry is LiFePO4, which is important for 2 reasons:

  • Firstly, LiFePO4 delivers a clean power band from full to empty. This means, your equipment will run at nearly full power through almost the entire discharge cycle - no fading!
  • Secondly, LiFePO4 is able to accept nearly 10 times the charge cycles of a conventional SLA battery! No more buying a new battery every year!!

If you need 6V power outdoors and you’re tired of having to replace your battery every year, tired of the fade, tired of carrying extra weight, the Bixpy PP-77-LW power bank is your answer.