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Practical Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves the Outdoors

Practical Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves the Outdoors

Posted by Bixpy on Nov 24th 2021

If you have an outdoorsman in your family, shopping for gifts may be confusing if you aren’t familiar with the lifestyle. Buying a gift should never be difficult, so here are some practical gift ideas for someone who loves the outdoors that will bring a smile to their face.

Waterproof Backpack

No matter the climate or outdoor activity you are doing, getting some waterproof gear is a must. A waterproof backpack is essential to store all your goodies without the rain affecting them. You can pair this backpack with waterproof equipment to ensure moisture isn’t your enemy.

Dry Sack

The cousin of the waterproof backpack is the dry sack. This item is the perfect defense for any inclement situation that may arise. Its nylon material protects all your items from wetness, even if you submerge the entire sack under the water. For that reason, this is the perfect contraption when you plan on staying outside for an extended period.

Rain Jacket

Rainfall is always a possibility when you are in the wilderness. Therefore, having a light rain jacket is vital so it doesn’t rain on your parade. Even if they’re a hoodie person, opting for a rain jacket is always the better choice. Rummaging about in waterlogged clothes is a nightmare for anyone involved.

Water Shoes

Like wearing a waterlogged sweatshirt in the rain, it’s also a pain when your shoes are soaking wet. Getting some water shoes bypasses the dampness; plus, they are comfortable to wear anywhere you go. After all, everyone enjoys shoes that you can just slip on.


When the sun goes down, it’s shockingly dark outside, making it nearly impossible to see where you are going or what you are doing. Ergo, the headlamp is an ideal gift for every outdoor person; the gift of sight is rather crucial when you are one with nature.


Having a whistle handy helps you in situations where you or a loved one veers off a beaten trail. Furthermore, it will allow emergency crews to locate you if you are deep into the trenches. In other instances, you can blow the whistle out of disgust like a rigid football coach if someone is bothering you.

Emergency Shelter

Having an emergency shelter is the epitome of “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” You never know when disaster will strike, causing you to be without cover for some time. The emergency shelter is terrific if you are in a pinch and is small enough to store in that waterproof backpack.

Survival Kit

Not everyone can be Bear Grylls, but you can cosplay as him if you have a survival kit. This gift offers various tools to help you in several challenging situations. Most include a compass, knife, and even a saw.

Any of these practical gift ideas for someone who loves the outdoors will be a big hit for any birthday or holiday gift exchange. At Bixpy, we have a wide selection to fit your needs, including an outdoor portable power station to pair with all your other outdoor equipment demands.