Portable Power Solutions for Your Adventure: Which Is Best?

Posted by Bixpy on Oct 20th 2021

Portable Power Solutions for Your Adventure: Which Is Best?

What is happiness to you? In the novel The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath described the feeling like this: “I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, and people. I thought, ‘This is what is to be happy.’” Happiness is essentially an experience—you know it when you feel it—full of contentment and positive well-being. While there is no universally agreed-upon or formal definition of the term happiness in our society, you’ll find that many individuals encounter the emotion in certain places.

Those who find happiness in the great outdoors enjoy adventuring or going off the grid for a while. Even so, access to electricity and technology has its own benefits to joy, comfort, and safety while out in nature. These days, people with adventurous spirits can take portable power anywhere and everywhere to charge up their gadgets, devices, lights, and even small appliances.

If you are curious about the latest and greatest portable power solutions for your adventure—never fear. Bixpy has you covered. We’ve compiled a general guide on the portable power products available on the market today. Let’s dive in.

Power Supply Chain: The Demand for Portability

Those living in our modern world do not have straightforward control over energy sources at all times. For example, today’s living and working spaces have power supplied via fossil fuels, nuclear energy, or solar plants. Fortunately, you can control electricity production and distribution in the great outdoors. Portable power is in high demand for users to conserve energy and provide backup power.

To help you find the right technology for your needs, you should first and foremost understand the basics of a power supply chain. Keep in mind that electricity is something that’s commonly used but not always stored. Portable power solutions use stored battery power received from a direct power source.

The Key Factors of Power Solutions

Before considering the specific types of power solutions available, be sure to think over the leading features that fit your needs. Every individual or group is different, hence requiring diverse power setups for outdoor adventures. Are you a digital nomad requiring a more heavy-duty hero for camping? Or are you a causal device user who needs a mere pocket pal to get by on excursions?

Again, not all solutions are one-in-the-same for every situation under the sun. The collective majority of users agree on three specific specs for portable power: substantial power output, storage capacity, and reliability when it matters most. Most likely, you’ll want a flexible, all-rounder to keep your gear continuously running.

Ample Output for Your Needs

When choosing between varied power solutions, power capacity output is essential. The measurable voltage is the output you need to consider. Essentially, the larger the capacity, the more juice the power bank or station has. Higher-powered devices tend to drain the power sooner. Don’t forget about power systems that support simultaneous device charging or use through multiple ports.

Battery Storage and Energy Efficiency

Take note of a portable power system’s battery. Its energy capacity is in milliamp-hours (mAh). Battery packs vary in capacity, weight, and size. The trade-off for greater capacity is usually increased size. For general knowledge, charging a digital camera, GPS, or smartphone typically takes several thousand mAh. Charging a laptop or powering up appliances will take more.

All in all, consider the battery’s efficiency for your power needs. How long will you be away from an energy source? Does the battery effectively save and store power when not in use?

Durability Throughout the Trip

When assessing a portable power system, consider its durability within a particular environment. Rivers, lakes, mountain trails, parks, forests, or other wilderness settings are prime examples. Is the option able to withstand rugged terrain or conditions on diverse expeditions? Can it hold up against water, humidity, wind, or other outdoor elements?

Keep an eye out for portable products that have a certified International Protection (IP) rating. This means that a power bank or station meets protection standards against dust, freshwater or saltwater, corrosion, or intrusion. A higher number provides a reliable heightened experience.

Charging Power Sources: Solar Energy

When it comes down to it, you can’t escape the endless array of portable power solutions on the market today. So, which is best for your adventure? Your best bet is to use a versatile and reliable power station with solar energy as your power source. Solar energy is the most common power source for off-the-grid adventures. Other customary sources include AC, DC, or USB power.

Solar power is the way to go for usable energy if you're outdoors and away from wall outlets, automobiles, or USB outputs. You have limitless access to the sun’s rays—either indirectly or directly. This alternative electrical outlet remains a peak power supply, even on colder, cloudy, or rainy days.

Portable Solar Charging Panels

Portable solar chargers come in several panel options to generate electricity, ranging in size from the palm of your hand to a traditional table. Keep in mind that a larger surface area is helpful for winterized adventures or cloudier conditions. The size of solar panels you require also depends on the power consumption of your devices or small appliances. Consider size and folding ability to attach to a kayak, boat, tent, backpack, or bike.

Some solar chargers are panels only, others have integrated storage batteries, and the rest have separate storage batteries. Consider their output capacity in wattage to compare different models. The higher the number of rated watts, the greater the amount of electricity generation in outdoor environments.

Shop in Confidence: Choose Bixpy

If you’re on the lookout for the best portable power bank for sale, look no further than Bixpy. We have developed a waterproof PP-166 Power Station unlike any alternative on the present-day market. Cost-effective and ultralightweight, this powerful battery-sourced station suits any outdoor needs and provides hours of power.

Our innovative power station carries all the valued aspects of a modern portable energy source. It’s easy to use, too, with three output channels and a rechargeable 12V lithium-ion battery. With a 10-year shelf life and an under 8 hour charge time—on our SUN45 waterproof solar panels—you can’t go wrong with this robust power solution. Read through the specs for yourself before adding our products to your cart today. Adventure and contentment in the great outdoors await.

Portable Power Solutions for Your Adventure: Which Is Best?