New Bixpy Solar Panel

Nov 9th 2022

New Bixpy Solar Panel

Introducing our newest solar panel to our lineup!

The SUN80 Solar Panel is an 80-watt waterproof solar panel that can charge a drained Bixpy PP-378 Power Bank full in about 6 to 10 hours!

Since we know our users are outdoors and near water, we have designed the panel to be robust and able to withstand the rigors of outdoor marine use. With the help of the new SUN80 Solar Panel, the avid kayaker and fisherman can explore waters that are truly off-grid on multi-day trips.

The SUN80 is an addition to the Bixpy Solar Panel lineup that already includes SUN45, a 45-watt waterproof solar panel specifically designed to charge 12V power banks. The SUN80 is paired with the Bixpy PP-33 and PP-378 Outboard Batteries, and the SUN45 is paired with the Bixpy PP-166 Power Station.

The SUN80 is designed specifically for boats, and is a great option as a source of backup power when you're off grid. Solar panels act as a way to recharge the watercraft’s batteries and keep your electronic essentials running. Additionally, solar panels can ensure that the battery always has a source of sun power and assist your watercraft with being self-sustainable.

What are the features of the SUN80 Solar Panel?

The features below make the SUN80 Solar Panel the perfect accessory to the PP-333 & PP-373 Outboard Batteries:

  • Outer Shell material: ETFE Laminate
  • Folded size (5 folds): 17" x 15" x 1.25" (420 mm x 380 mm x 32 mm)
  • Open size: 17" x 63" x 0.4" (420 mm x 1600 mm x 10 mm)
  • Weight: 7 lb • 3175 grams
  • Output voltage: 36.0 V
  • Output current: 2.2 A max.
  • Total output: 80 watts
  • Efficiency: >20%
  • Connection point: barrel connector
  • Charges the PP-378 Outboard Battery in: 6 to 10 hours
  • Includes two anchor attachment points

Just like our Bixpy Motor and J-2 Outboard kit, this SUN80 Solar Panel is lightweight and convenient to travel with. This 80-watt, 36 volt, 2.2 A max output solar panel folds up to a compact travel size case that can fit on any kayak you may have. The waterproof ETFE laminate outer shell makes it the perfect companion when you’re battling the elements that come with kayaking and fishing.

If you are looking to use your Bixpy Motor for long fishing excursions on your kayak or multi day trips where you are worried about the PP-378 Battery longevity, the new SUN80 is the perfect product for your off-grid adventures.