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NEW Bixpy Gadget Alert!!

NEW Bixpy Gadget Alert!!

Posted by Bixpy on Apr 29th 2021

Bixpy is please to announce the newest iteration of our extremely popular Power Pole WillFit Adapter. This brilliant design allows for our J-1 Motor kit to be mounted behind your watercraft, and mounted to micro power pole hole setup points quickly & easily. 

Lighter & Stronger construction, coupled with our new corrosion resistant anodized aluminum give this infamous adapter even more performance on the water!

In addition to the Power Pole WillFit Adapter, we have redesigned its 2 most popular steering accessories; Pole SteeringV-Arm Steering. Now offered in the same beautiful blue anodized metal, they not only look great together, but they work even better. No matter how you want to steer your Bixpy, we have the answer. 

Quite possibly the most innovative new feature of the Power Pole Adapter though, is the new Directional Locking Bracket. This simple yet effective design packs a ton of function into a little package. Its locking pin feature allows you to fix or release your steering features, with the simple pull of a pin. This piece is now included on all new Power Pole Willfit Adapters, or can be purchased separately for use on past models. 

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