New battery pack for the Outboard Jets

Hello everyone,

This week we received lots of questions about the new battery pack for the Outboard Jets (kayaks and standup paddle boards). So today we’re sharing more pictures and information about the new pack design.

Nothing changes inside the battery packs. Same motherboard, same cells capacity and same features:


This pack is slightly heavier (at about 6.8 lb) than the previous version, one reason being the upgraded cells we have sources during production and the other being a beefier housing that can take a bit more abuse. Also we have added a much heavier o-ring and way more nuts and bolts to keep it even more water tight.

The entire pack is still buoyant so if you do flip your board or kayak, you don’t have to worry about losing your battery pack and it still features an auxiliary 12V outlet to power fish finders or other 12V electronics.

Now, the same plug can be used with a Bixpy USB adapter as a 5V charger port for charging your phone or tablet whether on water or land.

The main difference is the sleeker design and a much shallower box. This allows the new pack to fit under many kayak seats, rest comfortably on paddle boards, and stack easily for those wanting to carry more than one battery.