Motorizing a Canoe with an Electric Motor

Posted by Bixpy on Jul 12th 2022

Motorizing a Canoe with an Electric Motor

Have you ever been on a canoe before? Canoeing is an addicting pastime that’s perfect for recreational fun and fishing alike! While canoes are generally easy to use, they do require some physical effort in order to move and maneuver them properly. This raises the question: is there a way to enhance my canoeing experience and make it easier to use? The answer is yes! Motorizing a canoe with an electric motor will take your canoeing experience to the next level! In today’s blog, we’ll go over how exactly you can motorize your canoe and why it’s a great idea!

What is a Canoe?

Did you know that canoes are the oldest boats archaeologists have ever uncovered? While today’s canoes offer better performance, the basic design remains fairly unchanged. A canoe is a small, narrow watercraft that is pointed on both the front and back. It is traditionally propelled and steered using a paddle. While the traditional way of using a canoe is still popular, more and more canoe-lovers are enhancing their canoeing experience with an electric motor. Today’s canoes can be fitted with electric motors for a more effortless, exciting experience.

Motorizing a Canoe with an Electric Motor

If you’re looking to take your canoeing to the next level, motorizing your canoe with an electric motor is a must! While you can motorize your canoe with a gas-powered motor, electric-powered motors are the ultimate motor choice for today’s canoers. Why? Because gas motors are bigger, bulkier, heavier, and noisier. On the other hand, electric motors are smaller, lighter, quieter, and easier to install! There are a few different ways to attach a motor to your Canoe whether that is off the side of the Canoe or the back.

How Do I Mount an Electric Motor?

Mounting an electric motor on a canoe is pretty simple. You will need to:

  1. Get the most efficient electric motor
  2. Attach a mount to the canoe. Many people use a transom mount off to the side of the kayak to attach a Bixpy Transom Adapter or create their own flat surface in the back of the canoe to mount a Bixpy Power Pole Adapter or Bixpy Universal Kayak Adapter
  3. Clamp or screw the motor mounting bracket bolts into the mount

For detailed instructions on how to install an electric motor, click here.

What’s the Best Electric Motor for Motorizing my Canoe?

When it comes to power and durability, nothing beats the Bixpy J-2 Outboard kit. The Bixpy J-2 Motor was built especially for small watercraft, such as canoes. Bixpy’s electric outboard motors are the only motors designed from the ground up to address every challenge in motorizing a canoe, a kayak, or a paddle board. Small watercraft—like canoes—have limited space and limited ability to carry additional weight, so at less than 10 lb. for the motor and battery together, the Bixpy system is the lightest system on the market and yet delivers just as much of a punch as a conventional trolling motor five to six times its weight and size! This makes the Bixby J-2 motor the ultimate choice for motorizing your canoe.

Motorize Your Canoe with Bixpy!

If you’re looking to enhance your canoeing experience by doing less paddling and more sightseeing, fishing, and relaxing, motorizing your canoe with an electric motor is your next goal. By motorizing your canoe with an electric motor from Bixpy, you can say hello to a better and enhanced way of canoeing! If you're ready to motorize your canoe, Bixpy has just the electric motor you need! Feel free to explore all of our motor options by clicking here. Don't settle for anything but the best.