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J-2 Motors Offer Better Plug & Play Options

J-2 Motors Offer Better Plug & Play Options

Posted by Bixpy on Jun 7th 2021

From the very beginning, our mission with Bixpy Motors and Batteries has been to make them easier to use, easier to mount, lighter to carry, longer lasting, more reliable and carefree to own.  

With the release of the J-2 edition, we are pushing the boundaries of simplicity, reliability and performance.

The J-2 Motor now comes with our standard attachment built onto the motor housing. This eliminates the need for connectors, latches and locks. It also reduces the motor's draft by 57 mm (2.25"). This makes motorizing paddle boards and inflatables even more practical as you have to worry less and less about running aground. 

The best part is, you'll need less to motorize even the simplest of the applications. For example, if you own a Viking Kayak or a Vibe Kayak with the Gravity rudder, you need NOTHING but the J-2 Outboard Kit.  One box with everything you need to motorize your kayak in seconds... not hours, not minutes, but seconds! 

Other kayaks are just as easily motorized with simple Plug & Play adapters.  Your Hobie Outback can now be motorized in under a minute using our Power Pole Adapter. All Hobie Mirage Kayaks*, the Vibe Shear water, Pelican kayaks with HD Drive and Lightening kayaks can all be motorized using our Pedal Drive Adapter in seconds! 

Want to know how easy it is to motorize your kayak or paddle board?  Check out our comprehensive Kayak Database: for a mega list of kayaks and paddle boards and the best adapter to motorize your make and model. 

And because so many of you asked, we delivered: the lower output on the motors is now even lower, allowing for truly slow trolling - up to 22 hours on one charge!

Pre-order your Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit today and explore more waters this year!

* Excluding Hobie 360 Drive