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Introducing the Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit!

Introducing the Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit!

Posted by Bixpy on May 18th 2021

It is finally here!  The next generation of our ever-popular J-1 Motor and Outboard Battery is ready and will start shipping in early June!

The wait is over but it's so worth it.  The J-2 Motor and PP-378 Outboard batteries are the first major iteration of our flagship product, that has now helped motorize thousands of personal watercrafts around the world.

With this release, we have implemented a number of improvements to not only increase the product’s performance, but also make watercraft adaptation even easier and faster with more plug and play options.

Here is a quick list of changes and improvements the J-2 Outboard Kit will offer over its predecessor:

  • NO MORE MOTOR CONNECTORS: The J-2 Motor is now connectionless - the wire harness exits the motor through a permanently sealed wire harness. This reduces the need to connect the motor and reduces the likelihood of failed connections and water intrusion into the connectors.
  • SMARTER MOTORS: The J-2’s electronics offer a smoother power output profile, dramatically improving on-water experience with slower low speeds and faster high speeds and super efficient middle speeds.
  • CLEANER POWER BAND: The motor now automatically adjusts to give you consistent power regardless of how drained your battery is. So as your battery wears down, your motor will continue to provide a clean and consistent power output.
  • IMPROVED MATERIALS: We are continuously collaborating with our suppliers and sourcing better and more durable materials for every single component of our products. As always, this iteration will offer improved materials to ensure a long lasting motor
  • LESS DRAFT, LESS DRAG: Taking out the connector on the motor has allowed us to reduce the depth of the motor housing and attachment adapter by 57mm (2.25”). This provides lower draft on paddle boards and pod adapters, allowing you to motor in shallower waters without worrying about hitting bottom. The new motor profile also reduces overall drag of the motor by about 8% to 12%. This is a major improvement to an already super sleek design that barely produced drag!
  • IMPROVED ATTACHMENT: The Standard Attachment follows the same 4 hole pattern as our first motor, but offers a far more robust contact point with the motor, making the motor far more rigid and reducing the likelihood of damage or loss to the motor.
  • BIGGER BATTERIES: Although they don't look any different, the PP-378 that ships with your J-2 Outboard kit (or sold separately) now provides roughly 15% more power, giving you more range, allowing you to explore more water.
  • CHEAPER ADAPTERS: Because the Standard Attachment and wiring harness are now part of the motor, we are able to offer our adapters at a far lower price in most cases. So once you have your J-2 Outboard Kit, adapting it to future applications is super cost effective.

We know you'll have questions, so here are some answers to the ones we predict will be the most common: 

  • COMPATIBILITY: J-1 motors will run on the new PP-378 batteries and your PP-333 batteries will be able to operate the J-2 Motors. So everything is backward and forward compatible, including many of our previous adapters.
  • PRICING: The price for the Outboard kit is increasing by $100. This is because the motor now ships with the standard attachment and wiring harness built into the motor. This in turn allows us to reduce the price on most of our adapters.
  • NEW ADAPTERS: Some of the adapters (like the new Power Pole Adapters) will not see a price reduction. This is because we had recently made dramatic improvements to these adapters that were not reflected in their old pricing.
  • YOUR PRE-ORDERS: If you pre-ordered a J-1 Outboard Kit and are waiting for June delivery:  Congratulations!!!  Your order will automatically be upgraded to a J-2 kit and You WILL be shipped a J-2 Outboard Kit.  We will automatically update your adapters to J-2 Adapters to fit your new J-2 Outboard Kit.

We’re excited to be able to deliver this new iteration of our product and we’re sure the improvements we have made will be welcomed by all of our users, new and old.

If you have any other questions about any of our products, feel free to email us at:

Thank you all for your continued support of our company, visions and dreams!

The Bixpy Team