How To Choose the Right Outboard Motor for Your Watercraft

Posted by Bixpy on Jul 2nd 2021

How To Choose the Right Outboard Motor for Your Watercraft

As declared in Les Misérables, the straight line is a “respectable optical illusion which ruins many a man.” While surely the everyday lives of individuals as not as immensely tragic as the famed musical, the truth remains that there is no direct pathway to feat and fruition. Decision-making infallibly is and will continue to be a difficult endeavor.

Besides profoundly personal decisions, individuals today face a plethora of smaller yet pivotal decisions on a daily basis. We are consumers at the core, whose problems are our very solutions. The modern marketplace is a battleground of a wide array of available brands, options, and features with which to grapple. And you know what? Outboard motors are no exception. Read on for details about how to choose the right outboard motor for your watercraft.

Outboard Motors: Technical Distinctions To Consider

There’s no wrong way to enjoy the water for pure sport, aquatic leisure, or marine recreation. That being said, you can ultimately improve the experience. Years of research and development have introduced ingenious solutions to the world of small watercraft. Thanks to this, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards can go to places they have never gone before.

Outboard motors are propulsion systems typically comprised of an engine, propeller or jet drive, and a gearbox of goods. These purpose-built motors for small watercraft are ubiquitously popping up nowadays. Instead of DIY jalopies of the past, quality outboard motors are taking center stage to deliver prime power and performance when it’s needed most.

Selecting the right outboard motor is a fairly straightforward matter depending on a user’s intended use. Outboard motors vary in size, weight, length, speed, and power range. Whether for pleasure or performance, outboard motors must be relatively reliable, light enough to handle, and powerful enough to drive momentum fully loaded. Considering these main factors is how to choose the right outboard motor for your watercraft that best suits your purposes.

Water Propulsion Systems: The Optimized Difference

Numerous outboard motors on the market can deliver adequate power for watercraft activities. Yet, the true distinction between them lies in design engineering. Designs vary from brand to brand, each carrying a particular pedigree of reliability and capability. If the motor size and caliber suit your needs, then you’re good to go.

For a one-of-a-kind battery-powered outboard motor system, look no further than the innovative Bixpy™ System. We created a portable, affordable, and dynamic electric propulsion system for the personal watercraft space. No matter the water or conditions, our outboard motor is the lightest on the market, yet all the while delivers a straight-line punch that rivals those five times its weight. Talk about superior performance through the marvel of modern engineering. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products. Otherwise, browse our collection online or in-store today.