Friday Update on Production and Progress

Hi everyone,

A quick Friday update on production and progress.

Lots of developments and progress over the last few days to share with you. Aside from the disappointment of not being able to delivery the Bixpy Jets on the schedule we were hoping, there has been some real positives that have resulted because of the delays.

During this delay, we have had a chance to really beat up our pre-production models and have now finished running our motors well over the longevity testing targets we had set. The motors won! We have not been able to kill one yet. As we finish production, we will continue to test and push the motors until we find their breaking point.

The only thing that remains is the final assembly, but again, we’re at the mercy of our motor shaft material (see previous blog posting), which is now being held by Chinese Customs and has been there for days.

Of course, we have no control of how Chinese Customs will behave, so it’s impossible for us to have an accurate date until our motor shafts have been released.

Once our shipment is released, our entire team who is on standby, will be ready to assemble the motors and get them out to our backers and partners. This portion will be more predictable and we will be able to provide everyone with a more accurate delivery window.