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Expand the Possibilities of your Inflatable

Expand the Possibilities of your Inflatable

Posted by Bixpy LLC on Sep 16th 2020

Inflatable paddleboards and kayaks are this summer’s hottest items and are bringing more beginners to paddling sports.

If you own an inflatable paddleboard or an inflatable kayak (or inflatable anything) and would like to boost your adventures, you can use our Bixpy J-1 Outboard Kit + one of our Paddleboard WillFit™ Adapters.

For inflatables that don’t have a slide-in fin, you can glue the provided flexible fin plate to the bottom of your vessel using PVC or urethane adhesive glue for attachment to the Bixpy Motor.

Check out the video review by Kayak DIY showing the complete installation and performance of the Bixpy Motor on an inflatable paddleboard.