Essentials To Pack for a Day on the Water

Posted by Bixpy on Jul 14th 2021

Essentials To Pack for a Day on the Water

Summer is here, and without a doubt, it’s painting the warmth of the season all over your face. And not the scorching kind-of-warmth of the blazing heat of summertime, either. Rather, the assuring warmth that all is well and life is good. If you’re in full summer mode, you’re surely heading out to the great outdoors for fun in the sun—or a pleasant day or so of aquatic ebb and flow.

Out of all the details that a day spent out of the water entails, packing up substantive supplies and get-at-able gear can be the most arduous part to handle. Regardless of if you’re planning for a quick trip to calmer waters by the sea, river, or lakeshore, or even planning to travel out to a faraway destination—you need to have the fundamentals on hand to ensure smooth sailing ahead. Typically, the specified conditions of your trip and your individual preferences and abilities determine the most critical items on the list.

If you’re a sun-lover, outdoor adventurer, angler, boater, paddler, or swimmer, what’s in your invaluable “to-go” bag? Besides the logical choices, of course, you may be surprised at a few unsuspecting items you should definitely throw in for your outdoor endeavor. No matter the adventure you're embarking on, the following checklist can help you stay organized with all bases covered. Here are the essentials to pack for a day on the water.

Clothing and Attire

Weather conditions have the unfortunate ability to change rather rapidly throughout the year. Warmer temps or climates can be just as demanding as cold-weather destinations. In the blink of an eye, a storm or front can roll right on in and steal your thunder. Needless to say, it’s a wise idea to follow the boy scout motto and always be prepared. Making the most out of an experience requires being properly outfitted for the occasion. The wrong outfit can turn the trip of a lifetime into a terribly miserable grind.

To keep yourself both comfortable and safe, choose high-quality outerwear in case the skies start to cry sudden raindrops. Don’t skimp out on waterproof attire, be sure to squeeze in a packable rain jacket, and don’t forget extra clothing and undergarments in case you become soaked to the bone. Depending on if your fishing, boating, or planning to jump right in, you’ll be enduring a long day under the direct sun. Overexposure to heat is dangerous for sunburns, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke. The best clothing provides the best protection if circumstances change or conditions worsen.

If you have a swimsuit on, you should still cover up well with layers of clothing to keep the sun off your skin when most necessary. Wearing lightweight, synthetic, and highly ventilated tops and bottoms is the ultimate method for keeping cool. If the climate is more severe, be sure to protect your face with a hat or bandana. A quality hat and pair of polarized sunglasses also help reduce glare, allowing you to enjoy the view, spot animals, or see objects clearly under the water. Last but certainly not least, bear in mind a good pair of shoes or quick-dry sandals. Water shoes are ideal for land and aquatic use for kayakers, boaters, or canoers.

Personal Care and Consumable Items

The last you need to sully your trip is a lost or wet wallet, phone, map, or key ring. Keep your personal items and navigation tools safe with watertight dry bags that secure your valuables for safeguarding during the entirety of the day. That way, you can focus solely on paddling, navigating, fishing, or soaking up the scenery for your personal pleasure.

Supplementary to safeguarding your valuables, be sure to safeguard the most valuable thing—your chipper self. Alongside wearing sunscreens, insect repellent, and the appropriate apparel, staying hydrated, energized, and healthy is integral during athletic activities and outdoor excursions. Besides filling snacks, heartier food options, and bottles of cold drinking water in a cooler, the little essentials can easily slip one’s mind.

An additional water filtering device or hydration system could save an individual’s life. Don’t forget about assorted medications you may need and a stocked first aid for treating injuries. Typical band-aids and antiseptics are just as essential as the big-timers of splints, gauze, and instant cold packs. When push comes to shove, the mere knowledge that these fundamental items are in reach is the greatest peace of mind a person can have in the unknown of the great outdoors.

Survival and Safety Accessories

When you’re out and about on the water, incessant exposure to natural elements and various obstacles provides a thrilling adventure. Alas, the venture may not be the safest or most enjoyable experience of one’s lifetime. Whatever watercraft vessel an adventure-spirited individual embarks upon, proper safety gear is of the essence. Survival and rescue equipment are bonafide essentials to pack for a day on the water. Despite one’s thorough preparation or best efforts, unfavorable conditions can come about at any time.

Lifejackets, PFDs, emergency tow lines, throw bags, bilge pumps, waterproof flashlights, swiss army knives, whistles, and mini flares are just a few examples of handy safety equipment to have in your boat or watercraft in case unexpected circumstances arise.

Miscellaneous Tech Paraphernalia

Sure, technology may have no organic place in the great outdoors, but this is the 21st century. All things considered, you should surely bring along a few gadgets and devices that serve advantageous purposes on the water. If you’re set to bring along a point-and-shoot camera and smartphone, be sure to bring the appropriate chargers, cords, and cables in waterproof bags. Capturing photos with your camera preserves tangible memories you can always keep with you. Your phone equates to a functional tool to keep track of coordinates on a digital map—or keep in contact with outsiders of the natural world.

Outlets are non-existent in the back of beyond mother nature. For the tech-savvy adventurers among us, you can’t go wrong with schlepping a nifty power bank or solar station to charge and boot up your personal toys, gizmos, and gear. Here at Bixpy, we’re creators of an outdoor portable power station that is one hundred percent water-resistant and built for rugged adventures.

Known as the Bixpy PP-166 Power Station, this ultralight superpower bank is ideal for charging Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, smartphones, tablets, and even mini-fridges and ambient lantern lights for your campsite. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this state-of-the-art charging station is saltwater or freshwater-ready for whatever outdoor experiences await you.

Essentials To Pack for a Day on the Water