Escalate Your Hobie Kayak Experience with Bixpy Motors

Posted by Bixpy on May 6th 2022

Escalate Your Hobie Kayak Experience with Bixpy Motors

Is kayaking your passion? Kayaking is one of the most loved water sports in the world—and for a good reason! It gives people the ability to get closer to nature and do what they most love, whether it be fishing or sightseeing. Hobie kayaks are one of the most well-known kayak brands in the world, and while the traditional way of kayaking is loved by all, Hobie kayakers have been searching for a way to escalate their Hobie kayaking experience. You’ll be thrilled to know that there’s an amazing way to do that, and it’s by motorizing it with a Bixpy motor!

Why Should I Motorize my Hobie Kayak?

Motorized kayaks are becoming extremely popular among Hobie kayakers around the world. It allows people to switch from human-powered propulsion to driving and vice versa whenever they feel like it. The top benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you motorize your kayak includes:

Easier Paddling

Not everyone can paddle their kayak over long distances. Some kayakers have disabilities, while others are not physically apt. Even in perfect conditions, we all get tired and could use some help along the way. With motorized paddling, your kayaking experience will be taken to another level. A motor will provide you with additional propulsive power and enable you to easily face any obstacle that may come your way, including:

●Strong windows

●Fast currents



Safer Kayaking

A human-powered kayak is, by definition, an “underpowered vessel.” The average adult paddler produces about one-tenth the power of a horse. This is very little, even compared to a super weak electric motor. Kayaking is a tiring sport, so it’s easy to get stranded when you’re no longer able to continue paddling. Whether you suffer an injury or are facing harsh weather conditions, being able to propel yourself back safely with a motorized kayak can be life-saving. Even if you don't plan on using your motor 100% of the time, having it as a backup plan is always a smart decision.

Driving Motorized Kayaks is Fun!

While there are many technical reasons as to why motorizing your kayak is a good idea, one of the simplest and most common reasons is because it’s more fun! It allows you to speed through the waters and enjoy the wind on your face—regardless of the choppy waters or waves.

Escalate Your Hobie Kayak Experience with Bixpy Motors

If you own a Hobie kayak, you’re in for some great news! Hobie kayaks are compatible with Bixpy motors, so motorizing your kayak will be a walk in the park! A Bixpy motor enables you to maximize your Hobie kayaking experience and enjoy easier paddling and safer exploration. Don't limit your kayaking experience! Escalate your Hobie kayak with Bixpy motors! To find the right Bixpy adapter for your watercraft, visit If you’re ready to motorize your Hobie kayak, feel free to explore all of our motor options by clicking here