Bixpy Holiday Season Sale!

Posted by Bixpy on Nov 7th 2022

Bixpy Holiday Season Sale!


November 8th-November 28th

For the first time ever, Bixpy will be discounting some of our most popular products like the Bixpy Outboard Kit, all Bixpy J-2 Adapters for various kayaks and paddleboards, and our rugged, waterproof Bixpy Power Banks, Power Stations, and our new Solar SUN80 solar panel and existing Solar SUN45 Panels.

Starting November 08, 2022 through November 28, 2022, Bixpy will be offering discounts on most of our products as below:

You don't want to miss the Bixpy Holiday Sale. If you have ever wanted to motorize your favorite watercraft, now is the time! Make sure to grab a Bixpy J-2 Outboard kit and a Bixpy J-2 Adapter that is compatible with any kayak, paddleboard, canoe or inflatable that you want to motorize.

The Bixpy Outboard Kit enables you to stay out longer, explore new waters, fish more, troll for hours or just get home effortlessly at the end of a long tiring day on the water or when the weather turns on you and you need an extra push to get you back.

The holiday sale also extends to Bixpy Power Banks and Power Stations with a 20% discount, which allows you to stay on the grid even when you’re off.

The Bixpy waterproof rugged outdoor power banks allow you to not only charge all of your portable electronics but also run fish finders, lights, SUP pumps, e-fridges, and so much more. Don’t miss out on the best holiday sale out there and get your Bixpy gear today!

Don't forget, the large selection of Bixpy adapters allow you to mount the Bixpy J-2 motor to virtually any small personal watercraft, the adapters include:

  • The NEW adapter to motorize NuCanoe kayaks (for NuCanoe Frontier 12 and Nucanoe Unlimited kayaks)
  • Power Pole adapter for all Power Pole Ready kayaks (including Hobie ProAngler and Hobie Compass and Hobie Outback kayaks)
  • Pod Adapter for FeelFree kayaks
  • Pod Adapter for BonaFide kayaks
  • Transom adapter for any dinghy or small boat with a vertical plate
  • Thruhull Adapters for Mirage Drive kayaks, Vibe Kayaks, or any other pedal-driven kayak
  • Universal Rudder Adapter for motorizing any kayak with a 10mm rudder pin adapter
  • SUP fin Adapter for US fin boxes on inflatable kayaks or paddle boards
  • SUP fin Adapter for Slide and Lock fin boxes on inflatable kayaks or paddle boards
  • SUP fin Adapter for Flip & Lock fin boxes on inflatable kayaks or paddle boards
  • Hobie Twist and Stow Rudder adapter for Hobie kayaks with Twist and Stow rudders
  • DIY Fin Adapter for inflatables or other flat surface mounts
  • DIY pod adapter for those wanting to motorize their own dry pods on their kayaks
  • Flat surface bracket for anything else that needs to be motorized in water

All of these adapters above are 20% off during the Holiday Season Special Sales weeks.