Bixpy Announces Their New Power Bank PP-77-AP

Posted by Bixpy on Sep 2nd 2022

Bixpy Announces Their New Power Bank PP-77-AP

There are plenty of Power Banks on the market that can charge your phone, tablet, or your headlamp, and there are also lithium batteries that can provide 12V power for your fish finder or your lights. However, none are truly designed for outdoor use, none are truly waterproof, nor have quite the output of the PP-77-AP!

The new Bixpy PP-77-AP is a 12V weather-resistant Power Bank that will run your fish finders, e-fridges, and even inflate and deflate a paddleboard up to four times!

With 12W of output, the built-in USB supercharger will charge your phones, GoPros, and speakers 2.5 times as fast as a standard charger.

All this power comes from a weather-resistant, 2-pound power bank with a ten-year shelf life. It takes less than three hours to charge and has a 15 amp maximum output at 12V!

The battery core is encased in a virtually indestructible, but beautifully designed anodized aluminum housing with mega gaskets to seal the housing and protect it from the elements.

The core cells chemistry is LiFePO4, which is important for 2 reasons:

  • Firstly, LiFePO4 delivers a clean power band from full to empty. This means, your equipment will run at nearly full power through almost the entire discharge cycle - no fading!
  • Secondly, LiFePO4 is able to accept nearly 10 times the charge cycles of a conventional SLA battery!

The PP-77-AP and its 6V sibling (PP-77-LW) are both available for purchase at or your local outdoor retailer.

About Bixpy LLC:

Bixpy LLC is an innovative manufacturer of outdoor electronics in San Diego, California. Founded in 2014, Bixpy designs produces and distributes its motors and battery systems to thousands of users worldwide. Bixpy was voted the Most Innovative New product company in the Sport & Active lifestyle technologies sector by the Connect Business Awards on its introduction.