Bixpy Ambassador’s Favorite Fishing Spots

Posted by Bixpy on Apr 25th 2023

Bixpy Ambassador’s Favorite Fishing Spots

We reached out to a few of our Bixpy Ambassadors to get the scoop on their favorite fishing spots (and how to get there with Bixpy products!).

The weather is warming up across the nation and the days are getting longer. Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere are taking to the water as spring officially arrives. We here at Bixpy have some favorite spots we visit to catch the best fish, but we did not just want to share our own experiences! So, we reached out to a couple of our ambassadors for their input. We asked them where their favorite spot is, what their favorite kayak to reach said spot is, what Bixpy products they like to use, and what lures they like to use to catch their preferred type of fish. Our ambassadors were kind enough to not only answer our questions but also provide photos! Learn more about how they use Bixpy products to go fishing:

Biscayne Bay or the Florida Keys

Shoutout to Aliex Folgueira for suggesting Biscayne Bay or the Florida Keys as great places to fish! Aliex’s favorite fish to go after are muttons, yellowtail snappers, yellow jacks, and gray snappers. He prefers to use shrimp with a white body and chartreuse tail as bait or an old fashioned Skelly Swim GOLD Glitter lure gets the job done too.

His watercraft of choice is the Old Town Salty PDL with a Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit. He does not have a lot of time to loiter around all day, so using the Bixpy motor allows him to quickly access his favorite fishing spots without wasting any time. Aliex’s favorite setup for his kayak is the DIY Bixpy Rudder Kit for easy use and customizability.

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Staunton River in Roanoke, Virginia

Big thank you to Jonathan Pingilley for sharing that his favorite spot is the Staunton River. He enjoys following Leesville Lake to the dam which goes into the river where he catches smallmouth bass. Jonathan’s go-to lure in the river is the Zoom Super Tube 3.75” with a spinning combo. This lure is able to bounce off rocks and allows for a fast retrieval all while dragging the river bottom with the current. If he is going after bass in the lake, he prefers the weighted Wacky Z-Man Bang Stick.

His favorite kayak brand is FeelFree with the Moken 10 being the best for his river excursions while he prefers the Lure 11.5 for lake cruising. Both kayaks provide ample room to fish out of and store gear. Plus, both kayaks work with Jonathan’s favorite Bixpy accessories: the Bixpy Universal Rudder Adapter for the J-2 motor. This adapter is one of the most universal and easy to use due to its lightweight nature — and for the fact that it allows for shallow runs in the river with easy storage when not in use.

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Lake Logan Martin in Talladega, Alabama

TJ Russell awesomely suggested that Lake Logan Martin is the go-to fishing spot when you are in Alabama. TJ loves catching any kind of fish he can, and he prefers the Senko Wacky Rig, especially the green pumpkin version. He also likes the Fire Tiger DT10 Crankbait for a little variety in lures.

As for TJ’s favorite way to get around the lake, he prefers the Hobie Pro Angler 14 for fishing. In conjunction, he uses the Bixpy J-2 motor with the drop-in Hobie cassette mount to power up his favorite kayak for fishing.

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Makena, Maui

Thanks to Gilbert Tabon who lives in the beautiful islands of Hawaii for suggesting the south end of Maui, called Makena. Just three and a half miles offshore is the marine reservation Molokini. If you are out there sightseeing in your kayak, you can see lots of predatory fish, especially during whale season — and the whales are a blast when they put on a show! To make his way out there, Gilbert likes to use Hobie kayaks. Specifically for fishing, he chooses the Hobie Oasis tandem incorporated with the Bixpy J2 Just behind the passenger seat in front. And to be prepared, Gilbert goes out with at least six rods for the types of fishing techniques that he uses.

As for his favorite fish to catch, that is the Giant Trevally or what in Hawaii is called Ulua — he prefers to use the technique called vertical jigging which involves dropping lead or tungsten jigs averaging from 60 grams to 500 grams depending on depths and water conditions. There is nothing like playing tug of war with a sea monster from the deep. Usually dropping in depth off of Maui coastlines averaging about 2 to 5 miles offshore and taking drops and depths as deep as 800 ft down!

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Thank you to our ambassadors for sharing their favorite fishing spots! Now, it’s your turn! Where do you like to go fishing with your Bixpy products? Share on social media and tag us!