Best Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boats

Posted by Bixpy on Jun 15th 2022

Best Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats offer waterphilic individuals a portable way to enjoy some quality time in the waters. From inflatable adventure boats, paddleboards, air pads, and air docks, there are many inflatable watercraft options for you to choose from. This is an excellent option for those who have limited storage space. While we all know that regular watercraft can be motorized, can the same be said for inflatable watercraft? The answer is yes! Trolling motors can be installed on inflatable boats! But this leads to the next question: what’s the best trolling motor for inflatable boats? Keep on reading to find out!

Scout Inflatables

Before we get into the best trolling motor for inflatable boats, what’s one of the best inflatable boats out there? We recommend going with Scout Inflatables. Scout Inflatables is a company located in Southern California that brings the latest designs in affordable and portable inflatable boats. They don't just stand behind their quality; they stand on it! Scout Inflatables employs a global team of designers and engineers who work tirelessly to make the right product work. They use the lightest, most durable materials combined with the best manufacturing techniques to craft each and every inflatable that has their name on it.

What’s the Best Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boats?

When it comes to selecting the best trolling motor for your inflatable boat, you can never go wrong with Bixpy! Bixpy trolling motors work well with all inflatable boats and most other inflatable water crafts. Small watercraft have limited space and limited ability to carry additional weight, so at less than 10 lb. for the motor and battery together, the Bixpy system is the lightest system on the market and yet delivers just as much of a punch as a conventional trolling motor five to six times its weight and size! This makes the Bixpy design excellent as an inflatable boat motor.

What Makes Bixpy Trolling Motors Special?

Bixpy’s battery-powered outboard motors use the patented PowerShroud technology, which combines the best parts of a propeller and an impeller to produce a hybrid water propulsion system that is not only whisper-quiet but also super-efficient. This is all in an outlet less than 2.5” (65mm), which is protected and safe to use around wildlife, as well as kids and swimmers. The Bixpy Outboard Batteries are not only light and efficient, but they are also waterproof and buoyant! So, if you go for a swim, you don’t need to worry about your battery. The same battery can run your J-2 motor for up to 22 hours at low trolling speeds or about 80 minutes at full speed!

Motorize Your Inflatable Boat with Bixpy!

The right trolling motor will enhance your inflatable boat’s performance and create a safer and more exciting experience. To motorize your own personal inflatable boat, look no further than Bixpy. We have the leading ultra-adaptable option on the market: Bixpy’s J-2 outboard motor kit. Waterproof, lightweight (under 10 pounds), and superiorly efficient, this electric outboard motor was designed with dedication to the small watercraft owner in mind. Using this system, outdoor enthusiasts can set up and customize personal crafts for desired maneuverability. To purchase a motor for your inflatable boat, click here