Beginner Kayaking Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Kayak

Posted by Bixpy on Jul 2nd 2021

Beginner Kayaking Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Kayak

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” The truth is, you may feel like dear Dorothy once did in The Wizard of Oz. You may feel out of your element when you’re only beginning to familiarize yourself with a new place, a new concept, or a new skill. That is one hundred percent okay. Starting something new is nonetheless a worthy endeavor. There’s always a way to begin, with high hopes and fresh air.

Kayaking is a wonderful activity for any individual—yet one that when you’re a newbie can make you feel like a fish out of water. While the popular outdoor sport isn’t exactly rocket science, building a strong foundational skill set is key for paddling along swiftly and finding your own pace. Without further ado, here are a few beginner kayaking tips for getting the most out of your kayak.

Invest in the Right Gear: Safety and Confidence

The kayak is a present-day iconic image of outdoor adventure and exploration. These brilliant solo-manned watercraft can tackle placid lakes, roaring river rapids, and steady streams. Before choosing one, consider your needs and where exactly you plan to use the boat.

Investing in the right kayak and accessories for your intended purpose is a logical strategy. The benefit of a well-fitting boat and the right paddle is surely confidence-building for beginners aspiring to achieve the best movement. You wouldn’t head out for a jog without putting on quality running shoes first, would you?

Always consider equipment investments with quality, comfort, and safety at the forefront. Don’t forget about innovative devices that can overcome typical kayaking challenges. Motorizing watersports is a pioneering subset sweeping the industry by storm. Bixpy’s battery-powered outboard kayak boat motor is built with small watercraft owners in mind to enjoy local waterways to the fullest. Learn more about our motor’s story here.

Learn Proper Sitting and Handling Techniques

These perspectives may seem obvious, but utilizing an incorrect technique from the start will either 1) produce misery or 2) become a habit to break later on. Your body posture is of the utmost importance for personal comfort and efficient stroke movement. When you sit in a kayak, keep your back straight and legs relaxed in front of you. Slightly bend your knees to touch the sides of the kayak. This stance provides the greatest stability and power.

As one of the main beginner kayaking tips, getting the most out of your kayak has a lot to do with paddling. Grip down on a kayak paddle similarly to how you relaxedly hold onto a bike’s handlebars. Remember to angle your elbows and face the scooped sides of the paddle towards you.

Last but certainly not least, do plan ahead before heading out. Kayaking is a fun sport or leisurely activity but proves dangerously exhausting in the wrong conditions. Simple mistakes can leave you upside down in the water until you’re more comfortable and confident in your skills. If you desire to make the most out of every opportunity you have on the water, take your time in learning the ropes. Your perseverance will be far worth it.