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A Cold Day in Wisconsin

A Cold Day in Wisconsin

Posted by Bixpy LLC on Oct 29th 2020

It sounded like a chilly day on the water, but it really warmed our hearts.

Check out this review from a recent customer and find out why he enjoys his Bixpy Mo

"The weather turned pretty cold here in Wisconsin just before I got my Bixpy. It warmed up to almost 50 degrees on the day I decided to give it a go on the backwaters of the Mississippi and the wind was about 15 mph. It was the kind of day I would have usually stayed home rather than fight the winds in my Bonafide SS107. It’s a great kayak in calm conditions but my 71 year old shoulders protest when I take it out in the wind and a little heart condition makes me cautious. Long story short is that this little pod mount trolling motor is a flat out dream. More than enough juice to head right into the wind and move along nicely even at fairly low power. It’s quiet and the wrist remote is the best. All I can say is you want one of these."

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