5 Benefits of Paddle Boarding—and Why You Should Motorize Your Board

Posted by Bixpy on May 16th 2022

5 Benefits of Paddle Boarding—and Why You Should Motorize Your Board

Paddle boarding is a unique water sport that is growing in popularity. Not only is it fun to do with friends and family, but it’s beneficial for your health as well! While the traditional way of paddle boarding is fun and serves as great exercise, there are also many great benefits to motorizing your board! In today’s blog, we will be going over 5 benefits of paddle boarding and why you should motorize your board.

1. Gets You on Your Feet

One of the greatest benefits of paddle boarding is that it gets you on your feet and helps you maintain both your body and mind. While many people focus on the physical aspect of water sports, this activity offers many extraordinary benefits such as relaxation, stress release, and inner peace. It gives you the opportunity to get out and have some fun!

2. It Helps with Balance

Did you know that paddle boarding requires a high level of balance in order to stand up straight? This is something beginners find out really soon! In order to help better your balance, you’ll be practicing both your core and leg strength. This balance training will benefit you physically while also helping you balance out your life as well.

3. Reduces Stress Levels

Paddle boarding is known to be great at helping people relieve stress due to the sedative nature of water. Whether it be spending time with your friends or relaxing alone in the water, it will do wonders for your overall mood! Not to mention that falling off the board can give you a major adrenaline rush that will immediately disperse any stress you may have accumulated. Plus, simply breathing in the fresh, salty air can be enough to get rid of any negative energy you’re possessing.

4. Help You Lose Weight

While everyone likes the idea of losing weight, most of us don’t find l=dieting programs or weight loss pills too appealing. Instead, you should go with paddle boarding to help with your weight loss. Studies show that paddle boarding can help lower your body more efficiently than those skimpy diets or harmful pills you take. Besides, what better way to lose weight than by having fun!?!

5. Offers You the Ultimate Environment for Meditating

Paddle boarding is difficult to master, especially when you develop your sense of balance on the board itself. This helps heighten your self awareness. Psychologists determine this state of mind as “flow,” which is perfect for Zen meditation. Also, this “flow” state of mind offers a large range of health benefits, including:

  • Improved mood
  • Better focus
  • Enhanced cognitive function

The moment you jump out of your board, you’ll be meditative and stress-free!

Why Should You Motorize Your Board?

While we cannot deny the traditional way of paddle boarding has its own charm, motorizing your paddle board offers you many awesome benefits! First of all, motorizing your paddle board doesn't mean that you will no longer be able to paddle board the traditional way. All you have to do is turn off the motor. Motorizing gives you freedom of choice. You’ll have the choice to work out your body by traditionally paddle boarding, or take a break and enjoy sightseeing with your motorized board. You’ll enjoy many great benefits, such as:

  • Easier paddling
  • Safer paddling
  • Long distance paddling
  • The ability to take larger cargo (such as heavy camping gear)
  • The ability to take a passenger on board
  • The ability to engage in trolling
  • More fun!

While traditional paddle boarding is great, motorizing your paddle board takes your paddle board experience to a whole other level! Your options are no longer limited and you’ll find yourself with the ultimate tool needed to enjoy your favorite water sport even more! We hope this blog helped to see the major benefits of paddle boarding and why you should motorize your board. If you’re ready to get a motor for your paddleboard, contact Bixpy today! Feel free to explore all of our motor options by clicking here.