Bixpy Kayak Jet Universal Kayak/Canoe

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With the Bixpy Universal Kayak/Canoe attachment, you can attach your Bixpy Jet to virtually any kayak, canoe or similar watercraft. The aluminum pipes will adjust to accommodate virtually any length, and the mechanism includes an ingenious adjustment arm to accommodate a wide variety of slopes in the back of various kayaks.  

This kit also includes a complete steering mechanism that runs along the side of your watercraft to a joystick that allows you to steer the motor for full control of your kayak. As every kayak is slightly different in shape and configuration, you will have to do a little bit of installation with this kit, but rest assured, the kit comes complete with all the nuts and bolts you’ll need and complete instructions.

A Bixpy Jet can boost your kayak to speeds of up to 7 MPH (11 km/h), with 10 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. You control your Bixpy Jet with a wireless remote that is included with every Outboard Power Pack.




  • One Bixpy Jet Motor
  • Bixpy Outboard Power Pack
  • Bixpy Wireless Remote Control
  • Joystick style steering for full control
  • Adjustable attachment designed to fit virtually any kayak, canoe or other small watercraft
  • Charger
  • Instructions


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Battery, motor and adapter weight:
10 lb (4.6 kg)
Motor size:
L: 10.5" (27 cm) • W: 3.5" (9 cm) • H: 3" (8 cm)
Battery size:
L: 11.3" (28 cm) • W: 8.75" (22 cm) • H: 3.2" (8 cm)
Cable length from motor connector end to battery connector end (including blue pipe):
7.5 feet (2.3 m)
10 speeds forward and 3 speeds in reverse
Wireless remote
Battery type:
Lithium ion rechargeable
Watt hours:
333 Wh
25.9 Volts
Battery status:
6 LED indicator on box
Charge time:
5 hours
Running time:
75 minutes of continuous use at top speed, up to 7 hours at slow speed
Attaches to most kayaks and canoes
High quality magnetic kill leash for emergency shut-off
Water-proof, dirt-proof and corrosion resistant housing and components
Water use:
Marine grade stainless steel components for salt water or fresh water use
Auxiliary outlet:
5V & 12V

3 Reviews

gayle Sep 29th 2018


I row a very stable ocean rower called a voyager. As I get older my brain thinks I’m 52 and is not adjusting to my body, which is 72, so this thruster is my fix. I row too far, I motor home. Or, just putz about...unfortunately I’m late in the Michigan water season already & it took some time to fit it to my boat. I would like to send a photo but format won’t let me. The five star rating is hopeful. If that changes I’ll re-rate.

John Murray Jul 26th 2018

Universal/Outback Install

I've only used my Bixpy twice so far, but I've got a good idea of what it can do and the issues from the factory. The first thing I'll say is that I'm pleased with the performance of the jet and very impressed with the battery. The jet works fine on it's own, but it works beautifully in conjunction with the Mirage Drive. Bixpy's slogan "Life Boosted" is very fitting, as I find this unit performs best as a booster than a stand alone propulsion system, which is exactly what I wanted. In general, it gave my loaded down Outback a 1 mph boost at all speeds of normal peddling, at 1/2 throttle. Top speed for me was around 5.8 mph, but I felt very comfortable between 4.5-5 mph. The main issue of the universal setup stems from the plastic retainer clip of the vertical shaft. The clip is meant to keep the motor positioned vertical, but it does not provide enough resistance to use reverse. So basically you have no reverse with the universal setup as it comes from the factory. In addition, lowering the unit can be cumbersome since there is only one rope that is designed to raise the motor, which means the motor has to thrust itself into the down position. I fixed both of these problems by adding a lower rope that attaches to my seat with a small piece of Velcro, which still allows the motor to kick up if I hit any obstructions. Based on others experience, the Bixpy is somewhat sensitive to sand, gravel, and other items found at the bottom. That being said, the universal setup is definitely the way to go since the jet is fixed well above my fins and rudder. The Mirage Drive mount will definitely hit bottom first, and the rudder mount kills the turning radius. With the universal setup I keep my Mirage Drive, keep the sailing rudder, and provide maximum protection for the Bixpy.

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