Bixpy Hobie® Pro Angler Adapter

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If you own a Hobie® Pro Angler, we have you covered. We have developed a rugged cover to replace your rudder cover and use the H-Rail on the back to mount a Bixpy Jet to your Hobie® Pro Angler in minutes. No need to drill a single hole or modify a single piece on your kayak.




  • Bixpy Hobie® Pro Angler Adapter
  • All hardware required to attach to your kayak
  • Wire to run to your Bixpy Outboard Power Pack
  • Instructions



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Additional features:
Easily attached to your Bixpy Jet Thruster
Attaches to Hobie® Pro Angler kayaks using a modified rudder cover an the H-Rails Platform accessory
Cable length from motor connector end to battery connector end (including blue pipe):
7.5 feet (2.3 m)
Length of vertical blue pipe:
23" (58 cm)
Length of horizontal blue pipe:
26.5" (67 cm)
Water-proof, dirt-proof and corrosion resistant housing and components
Water use:
Marine grade stainless steel components for salt water or fresh water use

1 Review

Frank Apr 10th 2019

Hobie PA14 Cruises

The Bixpy has been an awesome addition to my PA14. Using the mounting adapter allows me to use both the motor and the mirage drive to increase my efficiency and speed. I'm able to get to my fishing spots faster with less energy. The battery lasts all day as long a I don't run full power all the time. It also helps me to stay on my spots where there is heavy current. I just adjust the speed of the motor to match the current and I'm able to sit on top of the structure and fish without pedaling. I highly recommend one if you tournament fish like I do. IT'S A GAME CHANGER!

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