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Bixpy makes specific, custom WillFit™ Adapter Kits that fit dozens of brands and hundreds of models of kayaks and small watercraft with zero or near zero modifications or complicated installations procedures. For the hardcore do-it-yourselfer, we offer a number of DIY options and accessories to allow you to motorize virtually anything that floats.

  • Bixpy Universal Power Pole Adapter Bixpy Universal Power Pole Adapter

    Power Pole WillFit™ Adapter

    The Power Pole WillFit™ Adapter allows you to quickly and easily add a Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™ Motor to your kayak using your standard Micro Power Pole adapter slot. If your kayak accommodates a Micro Anchor Power Pole, you can...

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  • Bixpy Pod Adapter - Bonafide Kayaks Bixpy Pod Adapter - Bonafide Kayaks

    ThruHull™ Pod Adapter - Bonafide Kayaks

    No Drilling. No holes. No hassle! The ThruHull™ Pod Adapter for Bonafide Kayaks clips into the Dry Pod opening of your Bonafide kayak in seconds. The adapter comes with the original Bonafide Dry Pod, allowing you to store and quickly access...

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  • Transom WillFit™ Adapter

    Transom WillFit™ Adapter

    With the Transom WillFit™ Adapter, you can attach your Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™ Motor to virtually any watercraft with a flat vertical mounting surface in seconds. This includes most dinghies, some kayaks, personal pontoons and a variety...

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